CTC Laboratory

CTC laboratory where we can check: hardness (HB, HRC, HV), traction, resilience as wll as the full range of AMCs (calipers, micrometers, gauge blocks, bore kits, triobors etc.) and optical microscopes with a resolution of 0.001 mm.

• Coordinate Measuring Machine – COORD3-PERCEPTRON COMPANY (USA)

Races-mm – X-600,Y-500,Z-440

Resolution – 0,0001 mm

Measurement error – 0,002+L/333000 mm

Software – Touchdmis-nms-next metrology software

Programming possibilities:
– by direct palpation
– semiautomatic
– automatic
– by CAD model

Measurement reports:
– direct with values measured and tolerated
– Excel export of the datas
– report with the figure and indicating on this the quotas measured