About us


For over 40 years, Romseh TOOLS dedicated its business to customer’s needs in various industries such as precision mechanics, automotive, electrical, machine tool manufacturer or agriculture. Meanwhile, our company has continuously developed activity and competitiveness level. Our productivity and technology have ensured a consistently high quality and precision and efficiency of our products have ensured an operational success for customers worldwide.

Our mission is to provide diverse services and products for any industrial activity sector.

We rely on flexibility, raw materials of the highest quality and precise precision of tolerances which gives our products lifetime and long use, very important factors in the activity of our customers. Our tradition and experience help us to develop technical and production skills in affordable prices but without sacrificing quality level in any phase of activity.

Romseh TOOLS products are found in various types of customized parts made after the customer’s documentation, accessories for machine-tools, hydraulic components, stamps and dies in full range by European standards.

New technology and production systems used provide all our products high level of quality, strength and uniformity. Innovation and novelty brought into the range of Romseh TOOLS products are also a guarantee of quality standards, along with environmental protection and affordable prices.


01.07.1971 – The Company begun its work on this date in Focsani when there is set up the company “Factory of devices, stamps, dies and cutting tools” based on HCM no. 847/12.07.1971;

23.09.1980 – Based on Decree no 283, the company was reorganized under the name of „Enterprise of tools and hydraulic elements”;

10.02.1991 – The company became a joint stock company where the sate held a majority stake and was named „SC Romseh SA”;

25.10.1996 – Romseh SA is converted into a joint stock company with private capital (93.6%) following the acceleration process of mass privatization in Romania;

19.01.1999 – The company became a joint stock company with private capital;

20.12.2001 – Romseh SA became Romseh TOOLS with sole shareholder.


Our clients are prestigious companies in the machine-tools building industry at home and abroad: Romania, France, USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England.

The export production represents over 80% of turnover. We produce under good value for money products value products from catalogue: accessories for machine-tools (auto- tightening mandrels, running centres, cotters, reducers, accessories etc.), hydraulic elements (dispensers, float sub, cocks, quick couplers) and parts after customer’s documentation (stamps, dies and component parts for machine-tools, devices, various parts).

Having as advantage tradition and highly skilled employees, the company is equipped with the following:
– Universal machine-tools (lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, erosion machines etc.);
– CNC machines (centres, lathes, grinding machines);
– Equipments for thermal and thermo-chemical treatments;
– Equipments for metal coatings;
– Technical quality control laboratory (universal and special NCAs with resolution up to 0.001 mm);

All these machines and new technology used in manufacturing processes are reflected in the high quality products guaranteeing long-term use for their functions.

Satisfaction of Romseh TOOLS customers and high quality of products are certified by the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 issued by TUV Austria Cert in 2010.