Romseh TOOLS is equipped with the following machine-tools:

• CNC processing centre in 3 axis = 8 pcs (HURCO VMX42, HURCO VMX24t, HURCO 24i, FAMUP, CINCCINATI)
   - maxim races:
       - X= 900 mm
       - Y= 500 mm
       - Z= 500 mm

• CNC processing centre in 5 axis = 1 pcs (HURCO VMX 42t)
   - maxim races
       - X=800 mm
       - Y=600 mm
       - Z=500 mm

• Outside and inside universal grinding machines:
   - RU 100 = 4 pcs și RU350x750 = 5 pcs

• Surface grinding machines:
   - RPO 320x750 = 5 pcs
   - RPO 320x1000 = 2 pcs

• Electrical discharge machines with massive electrode = mass 400x250 (KNUT)

• Lathe with CNC = 3 pcs (VICTO2 TURNII – 26, HAAS, HURCO TMM10)
   - X = 200 mm
   - Z = 690 mm
Out of which one is equipped with C axis and driven tools (HURCO TMM10)

• Grinding machines in coordinates = 2 pcs

• Universal boring machines- parallel lathes
   - SN 320/SN 560

• Universal Milling Machines

• FU 32, FUS 25, FUS 32 (with quotas dispaly)

The company is equipped with thermic and thermochemical treatment workshop (hardening, annealing, tempering, cementation) and metallic coatings (browning, cadmium, hard chrome plating, galvanizing), CTC laboratory where we can check: hardness (HB, HRC, HV), traction, resilience as wll as the full range of AMCs (calipers, micrometers, gauge blocks, bore kits, triobors etc.) and optical microscopes with a resolution of 0.001 mm.
romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Parts by customer documentation
We execute various parts after the beneficiary’s documentation: various parts, machine-tools subassembled parts, control devices.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Hydraulic elements
Hydraulic elements are components of a driving hydraulic system by which the power is transmitted by a fluid under pressure on the source-consumer route.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Accesories for machine-tools
Accessories are mechanisms for blanks orientation with settlement on their outer cylindrical surface or on outer and inner surfaces of other shapes.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Stamps / dies
We execte stamps, dies, active elements, kits after the beneficiary’s specification and documentation.

Romseh TOOLS executes by its own workshop the folowing types of services from metalworking field:
• thermal treatments (hardening, annealing, tempering, cementation);
• metallic coatings (browning, cadmium, hard chrome);
• free forging (max. 7 kg);